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All EB-5 projects require a business plan for filing with USCIS. In addition to describing the project and new commercial enterprise, the business plan is used by USCIS as an evidentiary document in determining whether or not a project will create the requisite jobs. As such, EB-5 business plans must adhere to guidelines set by USCIS and must be comprehensive and credible. Plans that meet these requirements are referred to as “Matter of Ho Compliant” in the industry, in reference to the legal case that USCIS cites when defining what a business plan ought to include. For this reason, it is important to work with a plan writer that specializes in EB-5 plans and has experience in not only writing for compliance, but has a contemporary understanding of issues frequently cited in Requests for Evidence (RFEs) as well as new policies and regulations within the program.

EB-5 plan development is highly research- and detail-intensive and executing a strong plan is critical in limiting delays related to RFEs and avoiding a denial. Our recommended EB-5 business plan writers follow three core tenets:

  • Plans should be customized and business-specific, not templated or generic
  • It is better to invest in doing a plan right the first time than to invite the added scrutiny, expenses, and time of an RFE
  • Plans are not stand alone documents; collaboration with other advisors (economists, attorneys, etc) is key to ensure consistency across all project documentation
Marisa Marconi
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Marisa Marconi

Pinnacle Plan Writing, LLC

Marisa Marconi is the founder and lead consultant of Pinnacle Plan Writing, a boutique immigration business plan and market research firm specializing in developing comprehensive business plans for EB-5, E-2, and L-1 applications. Marisa develops plans for both Regional Center and Direct EB-5 investment projects and takes a research-first approach to development to ensure that projections are backed by credible data and plans clearly articulate the project’s place and opportunity within the market. Her portfolio spans multiple industries, including, but not limited to commercial and residential real estate, hotels, restaurant and food service, manufacturing, infrastructure, healthcare, education, transportation, agriculture, distribution, and retail. Clients include Regional Centers, project sponsors, businesses seeking direct EB-5 investment, and EB-5 investors pursuing their own projects. In addition to developing original business plans, Marisa also develops plans and supplemental business summaries for Requests for Evidence (RFE) that have been issued by USCIS for plans written by project developers or other firms. This experience, coupled with her active involvement in the industry, ensure that plans are informed by and reflect current regulations and policies and anticipate common issues and pitfalls that lead to RFEs.
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Suzanne Lazicki

Lucid Professional Writing

Suzanne is founder and principal of Lucid Professional Writing, which provides business writing services for EB-5, E-2, and L-1 business plans, RFE response, and other purposes. She has reported on EB-5 through the Lucid Text blog since 2010, and is a recognized expert on EB-5 law and policy, USCIS processing, and visa availability. In writing EB-5 business plans, Suzanne works as a guide at the difficult intersection of business reality and immigration requirements. Developer and entrepreneur clients know their business, but not all the intricacies and practical complications of EB-5. USCIS adjudicators have checklists of EB-5 requirements, but not business expertise or trust. With an MBA and over twelve years of experience in EB-5, Suzanne is well placed to assist both developer clients and adjudicators. She works with clients to foresee and avoid EB-5 pitfalls, and to tailor business planning for long-term EB-5 success. She then writes documents with strategically-selected detail and presentation designed to facilitate the adjudicator’s task in completing checklists and approving the business plan. Suzanne completes all business writing engagements personally, with a rigorous commitment to quality and consistency. Her portfolio includes over 200 regional center plans and over 100 direct EB-5 plans across a range of industries, as well as over 500 articles on EB-5 topics. Suzanne has also served as Associate Editor for Immigration Options for Investors & Entrepreneurs 4th Ed. published by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.