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When will I be issued my Conditional Green Card? These calculations are based on assumptions and factual information drawn from recent adjudication trends at USCIS and publicly available documents. Our latest FOIA information is from March 2022, and little to no information has emerged since about the visa availability and set-aside petition inventory, so we cannot give an estimate which is all inclusive for the visa set asides or is up to date in 2023  
When will I be issued my Conditional Green Card?

Priority Date

These calculations only apply to applicants who have Priority dates earlier than March 18, 2022
Pending I-526 approval rate 0%
The percentage of petitions which are adjudicated each year and receive an approval
Average visa issuance to approved I-526 0%
The percentage of approved petitions which a) are transferred to National Visa Center b) undergo their consular interview/adjustment of status and c) receive an approval and are given their conditional green card
Average visa demand per petition $500,000
The average number of family members which are included on the principal applicant’s petition (i.e 2.71 = 1 principal applicant + 1.71 family members/derivative applicants)
Carryover of unused reserved?
Estimated pending visa applicants for China as of March 2022
Estimate When Visa Issued
Disclaimer: These estimates are based on publicly available information released by the US Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and Citizenship and Immigrant Services. These calculations are merely approximations of how long EB-5 immigrants may need to wait until their visa category becomes current and in no way reflect the exact date which an applicant may receive their green card.