Sustainment Period Lawsuit Fundraiser

Sustainment Period Lawsuit Fundraiser

On Friday March 29th, 2024, Invest in the USA (IIUSA), an organization representing a number of EB-5 regional centers, filed a lawsuit against USCIS over this updated sustainment period clarification. Specifically, IIUSA is suing USCIS to invalidate the two-year sustainment period protection recently offered to post-RIA EB-5 investors.

If the judge rules against USCIS, it would be potentially problematic for post-RIA investors, especially those that have already invested in shorter term projects or are from countries that could face a backlog in their visa category. USCIS could likely be forced to suspend the two-year sustainment policy and we could revert back to a world where vicious cycles of endless reinvestment are once again the norm.

AIIA has worked with our legal counsel to formulate a strategy to ensure investor's voices are not lost in this lawsuit and we are looking to raise $35,000 for this legal effort.

This result of this lawsuit will impact how long post RIA investors will need to keep their money 'at risk' and may prevent EB-5 investors from receiving their invested capital back even after their money has created the jobs required for their immigration benefits.