Dear EB-5 Stakeholder,

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the American Immigrant Investor Alliance. 

Our organization was founded in 2021 by EB-5 immigrant investors to provide a voice and representation on behalf of investors. Through active and extensive outreach within the immigration and investment communities, government administrative agencies, Congressional leadership and other stakeholders, AIIA hopes to provide investors a seat at the table with respect to the decisions that directly affect them. As investors, we believe our stories and our investments are the best representatives of the good that the EB-5 program brings to the United States.

AIIA strives to be the authoritative investor-focused advocacy organization representing the interests of all EB-5 investors and at our webinar this weekend we plan to cover:

  1. Who we are and who we represent
  2. Our legislative and administrative goals for the year
  3. How we plan to achieve our goals
  4. Introduction to Political Consultancy
  5. How you can help support and advocate for positive changes to the EB-5 program
  6. At the end, we will open discussion and take questions.

We invite you to watch our very first webinar introducing ourselves to the world:

We ask that you please forward this blog to other EB-5 investors and members of the industry who would be interested in participating.

Hope to see you there!

American Immigrant Investor Alliance