Hello World,

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves.

We are the American Immigrant Investor Alliance.

The American Immigrant Investor Alliance was formed in April 2021 when a group of EB-5 investors realized the EB-5 Regional Center program was going to lapse at the end of June. This lapse affected the entire immigration process of nearly 80,000+ immigrant investors in the EB-5 program. This collective of investors from all walks of life and countries around the world decided that it was time that EB-5 investors needed representation in Congress and a voice in the EB-5 industry.

Together, investors and specific members of the EB-5 industry were able to highlight this issue to members of Congress and advocate for the ‘grandfathering’ of existing petitions into the EB-5 program if it were to lapse again in the future. Through active and extensive outreach within the immigration and investment communities, government administrative agencies, Congressional leadership, and other stakeholders, AIIA provided investors a seat at the table which made decisions directly affecting them. 

As investors, we believe our stories and our investments are prime examples of the good that the EB-5 program brings to the United States.

Today, AIIA strives to be the investor-focused authoritative advocacy organization representing the interests of all EB-5 investors. As a 501c(4) nonprofit, we hope to provide educational resources to all EB-5 investors so they can make informed decisions about the EB-5 process and be a proponent for a more equitable immigration by investment program.

We encourage you, as EB-5 stakeholders, to check our About AIIA page which includes details about our history, mission, and strategy. You can learn more about our current legislative and administrative priorities here and for more on the leadership of the organization check out our People Behind AIIA page.

For EB-5 investors, please see our resources page for information on the EB-5 program including the immigration and investment process. We have curated a list of excellent professionals from the EB-5 community that have supported AIIA and the larger EB-5 immigrant investor community. This includes immigration attorneys, EB-5 investment specialists and foreign intermediaries that our own community has had first hand experience with. We look forward to being a positive, reliable source of information for you throughout your immigration by investment process. We have also provided resources for EB-5 investors dealing with delayed processing or investment related issues and US tax questions.

For developers and business owners looking to raise EB-5 financing or for foreign entrepreneurs looking to launch their own EB-5 project, we have provided some basic information and a list of industry professionals we believe are the best to work with.

Regardless of whether you are an existing or future immigrant investor or even an industry member – we encourage you to sign up for our membership program, where members have access to our highly supportive and collaborative community. With your financial support, we plan to continue to add to these resources and use the funds we raise to advocate for the biggest issues impacting our immigrant investor community. Moving forward we also plan to regularly publish blogs and articles highlighting those issues and the efforts we are making.

We look forward to our continued partnership. Our advocacy thrives on your passion and trust in our mission. Together, nothing is outside of our reach.