Dear EB-5 investor,


We are at a point of time when we need to impress on the members of Congress the importance of having reauthorization in the form of the Regional Center Reform bill passed or, if that is not possible, grandfathering of existing investors through a bill that we have proposed: FIFPA. This is a time-sensitive task and the next two months are the most critical in our struggle towards reauthorization and grandfathering.

What we need now is deeply moving stories – stories of EB-5 investors who have come to the United States to seek a better life for themselves and their family. We are looking to highlight stories of those people that are active, contributing members of American society and would consent for their journey to be published by media outlets. If you are open to sharing your story (including certain details such as your name, location, your nature of work and where you have invested), please reach out to us and together we can figure out the best way to make your voice heard. 


We are specifically looking for EB-5 investors who are currently on nonimmigrant visas in the United States. While we understand that there are many investors outside the US waiting to immigrate and have important stories to share, the ones who are already in the US are likely to have a stronger appeal to the members of Congress. Members of Congress and their staff respond far favorably to immigrants who already live in their constituency hence our strategy. If you are outside the US, please consider donating and joining our media outreach team of volunteers. 


To this end, IIUSA has also offered its assistance with this task. It has retained FischTank PR, a NYC-based media relations firm that has been helping IIUSA with media efforts around the reauthorization of the EB-5 Regional Center Program, generating significant placements with national, trade and local media over the last 8+ months. For its next campaign, FischTank would like to develop a media campaign that focuses on the investors’ personal stories, highlighting what you and your families have sacrificed, where you are in your immigration process, current obstacles you are facing, and what you have contributed to your local community. Once FischTank has had a chance to connect with those of you who are willing to share your story, it would then like to package it together to focus on the importance of the program, the impact of the lapse on investors and the communities that have benefited from the program and pitch it to relevant local and national media. 


If you are interested, consent to your identity and story being made public, and are prepared to speak with members of the press about your story and how this program lapse has affected you, please reach out to us right away at [email protected]


We very much look forward to your response. If you have any concerns or questions about this process, please reach out to us and we will be happy to clarify them.