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Overseas intermediaries can act as intermediary agents between an investor and an investment issuer, helping investors select a project and assist in filing documentation with an immigration attorney. Agents can utilize their experience and knowledge to help investors get support in their country of residence and make informed decisions about their EB-5 process.

Agents can guide investors through the EB-5 process in their local language by helping translate documents and meetings with important partners an investor may encounter in their immigration process. Local EB-5 agents can provide many benefits to foreign nationals in their country of residence, including:

  • Conducting due diligence on projects
  • Solving issues with acquiring source of funds documentation
  • Translating legal and financial documents for source of funds
  • Foreign remittance issues (Limitations on capital leaving country of residence)
  • Assistance with “Request for Evidence” notices
  • Coordinating between banking institutions, investment issuers, and investors
  • Conducting in-person and online due diligence of an investor’s project
  • Auditing projects to ensure project security and ongoing progress

Agents find investors for investment issuers and specific projects and therefore are typically compensated for every investor an agent recruits on behalf of the investment issuer. A portion of administrative fees and investment interest is paid to these agents, which incentivizes them to continue advocating for investors until the end of their investment process. The intermediaries listed below are strong supporters of AIIA’s mission of advocating for EB-5 investors and have been vetted by AIIA’s members and donors.

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Jasmine Nhài Nguyễn

Loyalpass Investment Consultant Co., Ltd.

Jasmine Nhài Nguyễn is an investment advisor and companion of successful Vietnamese investors in their immigration to the United States through the EB-5 program. With over 5 years in the EB-5 industry, Jasmine has advised hundreds of clients on over 15 direct and Regional Center sponsored projects. Jasmine is co-founder of Loyalpass, an immigration agency in Vietnam founded in 2016 and managed by a team with more than 16 years of experience in the industry. Loyalpass has directly supported over 300 successful customers working with notable EB-5 Regional Centers & Law Firms in the U.S. Loyalpass provides comprehensive services to investors including tax planning and financial advising, real estate investments, trade promotion, and business development at all stages in the immigration process including for fully settled green card holders.
Utsav Doshi
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Utsav Doshi

EB5 India Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

EB5 India Advisory Pvt. Ltd. is an extension of an Indian law firm established in 1956 which has roots across multiple cities in India including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Rajkot. Utsav is a ‘turnkey’ EB-5 service provider offering a range of services which any EB-5 investor from India may need when going through the EB-5 process including project audits, FEMA advisory, assistance in compiling source of funds & RFE notices, preparatory work for consular interviews, and Indo-U.S. international tax planning. Conducting project due-diligence to investigate the possibility of EB-5 fraud is one of the intermediaries’ most opted services. Professionals working with the Company include CAs, CFAs, Lawyers, Bankers & qualified Forensic Investigators.
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Stuart Ferguson

American Dream

American Dream is a South African agency of foreign intermediaries in business with EB-5 investors and investment issuers since 2007. American Dream has a strong record of providing valuable assistance to investors when evaluating their immigration and financial needs especially pertaining to trust management and other structures. Specifically, American Dream assists investors through pre-immigration tax planning and evaluating “needs” analyses before an investor moves from South Africa into the U.S. Within the U.S. American Dream hosts affiliate family offices, Caleo Capital in Jacksonville, Florida and New Jersey, where they conduct in-person and online due diligence of local projects in the area and synthesize their analysis into weekly email communications custom-tailored to their clients.