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An EB-5 immigration attorney is integral to your EB-5 immigration by investment process. The attorneys listed below are strong supporters of AIIA’s mission of advocating for EB-5 investors and have been vetted by AIIA’s members and donors.

Immigration Attorneys are crucial for reviewing your immigration goals, determining the eligibility of your funds, filing appropriate documentation with the USCIS, as well as answering whatever queries an investor may have during the entire process. Finding an licensed, trusted attorney to assist with an EB-5 application is one of the most important steps an investor can take. Immigration law is a broad field and the EB-5 visa program requires in-depth knowledge of program-specific details. Therefore, investors should seek out attorneys who have the most experience working with EB-5 cases. When looking for a trusted EB-5 attorney to assist you in your case, you should work with an attorney who:

  • You are most comfortable with. While an investor can switch attorneys anytime during the immigration process, working with the same attorney who understands individual and familial immigration goals is usually a better experience for the long-term.
  • Does not urge you to invest in a specific project but rather analyzes your project of choice to ensure it meets your immigration goals. For help with project selection, we recommend working with an EB-5 investment specialist.
  • Has knowledge of real-time adjudication trends.
  • Has experience filing country-specific documentation an investor may need for their source of funds.

Many of these attorneys also work at law firms with personnel who are fluent in many different languages and can make the EB-5 process easier for non English speaking foreign nationals.

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Nicolai Hinrichsen

Miller Mayer

Nicolai is a former corporate securities attorney who has over 15 years of experience counseling Regional Centers and project developers in finding EB-5 capital. He regularly assists developers and investment issuers in filing RC designation applications and forms for exemplar projects, totaling over 3 billion in EB-5 equity accumulated from over 100 cases. Nicolai’s firm, Miller Mayer LLP, is a legacy law firm in the EB-5 industry for its outstanding work lobbying for the EB-5 program and counseling all parties involved in the process. Nicolai has extensive experience working with investors from India, Vietnam, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and many other countries around the world.
Brandon Meyer Photo
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Brandon Meyer

Meyer Law Group

Brandon has worked in EB-5 immigration law for over 24 years and his extensive experience working at large EB-5 firms throughout this time led Meyer to open his own firm specializing in EB-5 immigration in 2010. Meyer Law Group is one of the only law firms in the world which focuses specifically on the EB-5 visa program on top of handling other immigration related legal work which has him favored by many immigrant investors currently in the U.S. on an existing work visa. Meyer is one of the first attorneys to spend many years pioneering the EB-5 market for investors living in Vietnam and has years of experience working with Vietnamese immigrants. Meyer also has extensive experience living and conducting business in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam and the GCC States, making him a worldly and knowledgeable asset to any client.
Christian Triantaphyllis
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Christian Triantaphyllis

Jackson Walker, LLP

Christian Triantaphyllis is a career immigration attorney with 10 years of experience working with individual investors, broker dealers, project developers, and Regional Centers. Christian’s specialty lies in business law and employment immigration, where he regularly counsels Regional Centers and real estate developers on how to structure EB-5 funding, analyzing business plans and economic reports for projects. Christian is also well versed in SEC, USCIS, and U.S. immigration law regulations,making him a valuable multifaceted asset to any development team.
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Michael Harris

Harris Law, P.A.

Michael Harris is an accredited attorney who has practiced immigration law for over 15 years, and has earned his status as a board certified immigration law specialist for the past nine years. Michael has previously worked in investment securities and business marketing, informing his current counseling for project developers, investment issuers, and investors in the EB-5 industry. Michael has represented various Regional Centers sponsoring projects with fundraising goals of all sizes, including projects raising up to $250 million in investment capital. He has ample experience working with Regional Centers and project developers both, including serving as counsel to direct and indirect “exemplar” projects in a variety of industries.
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Julian Montero

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr

Julián is an attorney with more than 25 years of immigration and transactional law experience advising entrepreneurs through the EB-5 compliance and investment requirements. Montero practices corporate business law years in Southern Florida, where he assists project developers with EB-5 project financial structuring andRegional Centers with USCIS compliance through filing forms I-956 and I-956Fs. With his former experience in corporate and business law, as well as advanced knowledge into EB-5 specific securities, Montero is an asset to any team seeking EB-5 funding. Additionally, Montero’s firm, Saul Ewing Arnstein and Lehr, has been in operation for over a century assisting immigrants with all types of visa applications, including EB-5.
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Ashkan Emami

Path Law Group

Ashkan Emami is a practicing immigration attorney for 13 years, and practices as a partner at his own firm, Path Law Group. Emami specializes in working with physicians filing for EB-5 visa who seek to set up their own clinics in the U.S. Emami also works with work relocation and other forms of immigration assistance, including overseeing compliance with USCIS standards as well as analyzing economic models and business plans.
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Rana Jazayerli

Jazayerli Law LLC

A graduate of Columbia Law School, Rana Jazayerli is a former litigator with more than fifteen years of experience as an EB-5 immigration attorney representing individuals seeking U.S. permanent residency through investment. She also represents EB-5 regional centers with applications for regional center designation, recertification under the recently passed EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act, annual reporting filings, and project exemplar filings. With her many years of experience as an EB-5 immigration attorney representing investors and regional centers and project developers, Ms. Jazayerli has developed a deep and extensive understanding of the complexities and ever-evolving rules of the EB-5 visa program, and is fluent in Arabic.
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Dennis Tristani

Tristani Law

Dennis Tristani has practiced immigration law for over a decade and has counseled thousands of EB-5 investors on complex source of funds issues and documentation requirements, company organization and corporate structure strategy, and business plan preparation. After many years of working as a partner for a high-volume business immigration firm, Mr. Tristani founded Tristani Law in December of 2021. Mr. Tristani’s practice is client-centric and focuses on the needs of individual investor clients. Mr. Tristani provides a tailored one-on-one approach to achieve the goals of every client and their family members depending on their unique immigration situation. Mr. Tristani has presented at and moderated numerous immigration conferences and seminars around the world and has significant experience working with investors from India, China, South-East Asia, and Latin America. Mr. Tristani is fluent in Spanish and speaks Portuguese.
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Benjamin Hu

Benjamin Hu Immigration Law

Benjamin Hu has helped EB-5 investors since 2012, handling over 2,000 cases from six continents. From 2015 to 2018 he ran a satellite office in Guangzhou - at the time, the location of the world's highest-volume EB-5 consular processing post. His firm focuses on U.S. immigration law, including investment, business, and family petitions, and can also help with consular issues and adjustment of status cases. His staff is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English.