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If you are in need of an EB-5 investment specialist to assist you with your project selection, AIIA has curated a list of top EB-5 Investment Consultants supportive of AIIA’s mission that are available to assist immigrant investors in finding and evaluating multiple EB-5 projects.

Registered Representatives of Broker-Dealers are financial consultants who assist businesses, investment issuers and developers in raising capital through EB-5 investors. Essentially, these investment consultants (also called investment specialists or private placement consultants) help investors conduct due diligence on a project by evaluating a potential project’s risks and rewards, job-creation predictions, offering documents, and developer compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. Their main duties consist of looking for viable projects for clients, conducting due diligence on projects for sound financial security, visiting the project sites to confirm construction progress, and conducting due diligence on “principals” in the deal (such as issuers, developers, etc). They also analyze the financial data presented by a developer and an RC in offering documents and business plans to ensure that the information presented is sound. With their experience and knowledge of the EB-5 industry, private placement consultants often have access and exposure to EB-5 projects that may not be easy to find.

While a private placement consultant is not necessary to conduct an EB-5 deal, investors who do use a consultant have advisors at their disposal when questions arise or if the investment process goes awry. Consultants can be used as protective assets to prevent restarting the immigration process because of complications with a project’s regulation compliance. Investors who correspond with an issuer or developer using a Broker Dealer have more leverage in knowing what questions are important to ask, soliciting answers to those questions, and ensuring all parties follow through with the terms and conditions agreed to in a project’s documentation.

Project Specialists represent their client (the investor) and are meant to stay independent of other parties involved in a project. If a project specialist is involved with a project developer or investment issuer, they must legally disclose this association to a client. EB-5 Investment Consultants listed below are active supporters of AIIA’s mission of advocating for investors and have been thoroughly vetted by AIIA.

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Ashok Kumar Adusumilli

EB5 Resources

Ashok Adusumilli is an investment consultant from Dubai whose experience as a former EB-5 investor gives him a special insight into the EB-5 process. Ashok received his green card in 2019 and since then has been using his insight from going through the EB-5 process to assist new investors in the program from all over the world, especially Indian clients who may need special assistance with the RBI and FEMA guidelines. Ashok has over fifteen years of experience in the financial industry having worked as a financial executive for a publicly traded company in the past. Outside of his services as an investment consultant in Houston, Texas, he also serves as the director of EB5 Resources. Ashok and his team offer all kinds of financial services to investors such as pre-immigration tax and estate planning as well as consular interview preparation. His team’s well rounded approach to assisting investors ensures that the immigration process proceeds smoothly, comfortably and as efficiently as possible.
Irina Rostova 2
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Irina Rostova

EB-5 Support

Irina Rostova is an award-winning EB-5 immigration attorney who has managed her own law firm, the Rostova Group, for over ten years. Prior to her work as an attorney, Rostova worked in finance as an executive at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank in Florida giving her ample experience in financial management and oversight. Rostova is an economist and attorney by training and has filed hundreds of EB-5 petitions, putting her at the forefront of analyzing USCIS adjudication trends for the EB-5 program. Rostova has an in-depth understanding of EB-5 investors’ needs from CIS countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Latin America and has a deep understanding of the business cultures that exist in these regions making her an excellent legal and financial advocate for EB-5 investors from these countries. Now, Irina advises her clients on where to invest and what projects would be best suited for them based on their immigration needs and risk profiles. Her extensive knowledge of the EB-5 immigration requirements allows her to provide support to investors and their immigration counsel.
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Andrew Wall

Dynaxe Capital

Andrew Wall is headquartered in Miami, Florida, where he has worked as an EB-5 financial consultant since 2012. Wall graduated with an MSIRE specializing in EB-5 finance and since then has accumulated experience as a business consultant to EB-5 projects and now manages business and investor relations. Wall specializes in helping Investors from all over the world, especially from Latin America where he was one of the first private placement consultants to bring Brazilian Investors to the EB-5 market. His team at Dynaxe capital has experience with some of the top law firms in the EB-5 industry and is well equipped to assist investors in the South Florida area.
Brandon Meyer Photo
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Brandon Meyer

EB-5 Choice

Brandon has worked in EB-5 immigration law for over 24 years. His extensive experience working at large EB-5 firms throughout this time led Meyer to open his own EB-5 focused firm in 2010. In 2023, Meyer registered himself as an investment broker, opening another firm known as EB5 Choice. Meyer is one of the first broker-attorneys to pioneer the EB-5 market for investors living in Vietnam and has many years of experience working with immigrants from all over the world. Meyer also has extensive experience living and conducting business in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam and the GCC States, making him a worldly and knowledgeable asset to any client.